A response to questions, comments and concerns submitted to the cooperative by members have been addressed. Thanks for your participation in returning the comment cards and attending the 2022 drive-thru annual meeting.

- Right of Way Maintenance -

"We need more trees cleared from the power lines."

"I was told trees on my property are too far from the lines to be cut by Somerset REC crews. I think this would be a good preventative measure and would like it to be done please."

- Broadband -

"How is broadband internet availability coming?"

"I've complete several surveys regarding broadband, is there a timeline?"

- Our Electric Grid & Solar Information -

"How prepared are our local power lines if there is a large number of electric vehicles joining our system?"

"What are the prospects of an attack on the grid, and how will it effect Somerset REC?"

"What education can the co-op provide about solar education and technology?"

- Operations and Reliability -

"Why does our electric shut off sporadically sometimes for just several seconds flickering on and off? And what effect does this have on electric appliances?"

Comments were received from members regarding checking transformers, poles and other equipment?

- Complaints and Thanks -

Time frame associated with waiting for the drive-thru election and what changes can be done next year to decrease the wait time.

"We like the drive-thru election. It's more convenient than the in-person."

"Keep up the good work."

"I appreciate all of the members who took the time to come through and vote for a new director. It's a sign of a healthy membership that they are willing to come out and have their voice be heard, and hopefully we will see everyone again next year." - Rus Ogburn, General Manager