Have you ever wondered who the dedicated men are outside with bucket trucks restoring your power in the middle of the night, fixing your yard light or assisting with a new connection or underground service?

Meet your linemen and ROW crew at Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative!

Roy Bittner.JPG
Rick Yoder.JPG
Phil Martz.JPG
Brian Marker.JPG
Glenn Gross.JPG
Roy Bittner
Chief Lineman
39 years
Phil Martz Jr.
Chief Lineman
26 years
Glenn Gross
Chief Lineman
19 years
Rick Yoder
Chief Lineman
27 years
Brian Marker
Chief Lineman
24 years
Bryan Schrock.JPG
Bryan Schrock
18 years
Adam Barnes.JPG
Adam Barnes
12 years
Tanner Smith.JPG
Sam Shober.JPG
Tanner Smith
9 years
Sam Shober
7 years
Casey Pyle.JPG
Casey Pyle
6 years
Alex Mazanowski.JPG
Alex Mazanowski
6 years
Garrett Thomas.JPG
Garrett Thomas
Apprentice Lineman
5 years

Right of Way Crew

Phil Read.JPG
Andy Nicklow.JPG
Carter Engleka.JPG
Phil Read
ROW Chief
7 years
Andy Nicklow
ROW Crew
4 years
Carter Engleka
ROW Crew
3 years
Brock Crawford
ROW Crew
2 years
Drew Boyer.jpg
Drew Boyer
ROW Crew
New Employee

If you need to contact any linemen or ROW Crew members, please contact the Manager of Outside Operations at Thank you!